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Our Team

Expert Minds, Tailored Solutions

Choose your dream team of experts at Pink Grape Consulting, each bringing unique skills from a wide range of educational specialties. From policy makers to EdTech innovators, we empower you to assemble a bespoke team that aligns with your specific educational goals, ensuring targeted, effective solutions for transformative results

Emanuel Vincent, EdD

Principal Consultant,
Global EdTech & Leadership Expert

With over 25 years in the field, Dr. Emanuel Vincent is a cornerstone in educational innovation, combining his expertise in EdTech, leadership mentoring, and curriculum design. His work, grounded in data-driven methodologies, integrates global educational practices with local regulatory knowledge, creating impactful learning environments. Dr. Vincent's approach encompasses holistic educational strategies, from developing cutting-edge EdTech solutions to fostering leadership capabilities in educators worldwide.

Specialties: EdTech Innovation, Leadership Coaching, Curriculum Development, Global Education Standards.

Jerome Banks, Ph.D.

Global Educational Leadership Expert

Dr. Jerome Banks brings a rich international perspective to educational leadership and curriculum innovation. With his experience at Keerapat International School and a strong academic background, he excels in shaping school culture and instructional excellence. Specialties: Global Education, Curriculum Design, Leadership.

Michelle Tavares, M.Ed.

Special Education Program Architect

Michelle Tavares' 20-year career is marked by her dedication to special education, especially in developing programs for diverse learning needs. Her approach combines Project-Based Learning with strong family-community ties to enhance student experiences.

Specialties: Special Education, Program Development, Family Engagement.

Belkis Raquel Paulino, MPA.

Community-Centric Educational Leader

With over ten years in education and non-profit sectors, Belkis Paulino is known for her innovative approach in combining arts and culture with education. Her leadership in "Connecting the Dots" exemplifies her commitment to community-focused educational initiatives.

Specialties: Creative Education, Community Development.

Kelli Cannon, M.Ed.

Educational Effectiveness and Intervention Advocate

Kelli Cannon’s extensive experience in education includes leading initiatives for effective teaching and learning. Her work in RTI and educator development has made significant impacts on instructional quality and student learning outcomes.

Specialties: Instructional Leadership, Reading Intervention.

Danielle Gibbs, Ed.D.

Expert in Early Childhood Educational Excellence

Dr. Danielle Gibbs combines her deep knowledge of instructional strategies with a passion for early childhood education. Her leadership in curriculum design and gifted education programs reflects her commitment to nurturing and challenging young minds.

Specialties: Curriculum Design, Gifted Education.

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